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MDX, the Miami-Dade MPO and Miami-Dade Transit working together at a recent board meeting to find transportation solutions for our community.

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MDX Groundbreaking

MDX Chairman Louis Martinez Makes Some Very Special Deliveries this Holiday Season. Watch Now

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Get answers to questions about MDX, SunPass, Toll-by-Plate, Toll Enforcement and rented vehicles.



“Some three months ago, I had a flat tire at rush hour on 836 and barely managed to pull up next to the center dividing rail. The shoulder there was narrow and my car stuck out into traffic, I was terrified and certain I would be hit from behind by one of the cars whizzing by.

And for the first time I forgot my cell phone at home. After turning on the emergency lights, I was able to squeeze out and raise the hood of my car. I had no idea how I would ever get any help. But in my sense of despair appeared the Road Rangers! I didn’t know they existed. They towed me to safety off the expressway and changed my tire. I have never felt so grateful. They were courteous and efficient. It was a great experience. They were wonderful and your service is wonderful."

R.S., 8/12/2012