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Current Fiscal Year Purchase Orders

PO 26 FY 19Saint Scanner SoftWare Maintenance09/19/2018Details
PO 27 FY 19Ivanti Patch Management Software Renewal08/11/2018Details
PO 28 FY 19Office Supplies08/30/2018Details
PO 29 FY 19Dell Monitors 09/05/2018Details
PO 30 FY 19Office Supplies09/05/2018Details
PO 31 FY 19Office Supplies09/05/2018Details
PO 32 FY 19ITS Protective Shoes09/21/2018Details
PO 34 FY 19Office Supplies09/27/2018Details
PO 35 FY 19SNMP Unity Cards for Liebert Units10/05/2018Details
PO 36 FY 19VMware Support Services & Warranty10/05/2018Details
PO 37 FY 19Office Supplies10/12/2018Details
PO 38 FY 19Microsoft Enterprise Agreement10/23/2018Details
PO 40 FY 19Liebert PSI5 110010/31/2018Details
PO 41 FY 19Solid State Drive10/31/2018Details
PO 42 FY 19Office Supplies10/31/2018Details
PO 43 FY 19Media Monitoring Services11/01/2018Details
PO 44 FY 19Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet11/09/2018Details
PO 45 FY 19APC Rackmount UPS11/09/2018Details
PO 46 FY 19CAT6 Network Patch11/15/2018Details
PO 47 FY 19Parts to Maintain DMS Signs on Road rangers Trucks 11/27/2018Details
PO 48 FY 19Parts to Maintain DMS Signs on Road rangers Vans11/27/2018Details
PO 49 FY 19Towing Services11/27/2018Details
PO 50 FY 19HP Laser Printer with 4 Years11/27/2018Details
PO 51 FY 19Dell Ultrasharp 24 Inches Monitors11/27/2018Details
PO 52 FY 19Sleeves and Mouses for Microsoft Surface 11/27/2018Details

The Current Fiscal Year Purchase Orders information is updated the last Friday of each month.