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Current Fiscal Year Purchase Orders

PO 53 FY 19Floral Arrangement for the newly appointed Chairs12/04/2018Details
PO 54 FY 19Retirement Recognition Plaque for JG12/07/2018Details
PO 56 FY 19Office Supplies12/26/2018Details
PO 57 FY 19Office Supplies12/26/2018Details
PO 58 FY 19Brady Cartridges01/09/2019Details
PO 59 FY 19Office Supplies01/09/2019Details
PO 60 FY 19Wavetronix Sensor HD Bundle01/09/2019Details
PO 61 FY 19Office Supplies01/16/2019Details
PO 62 FY 19SC/SC Duplex SM (5M)01/24/2019Details
PO 63 FY 19Office Supplies for Finance & Procurement01/29/2019Details
PO 64 FY 19MDX4Business Classes (Construction Law)01/31/2019Details
PO 65 FY 19MDX4Business Classes (CFOT, TTC Inter, TTC-Adv)01/31/2019Details
PO 65 FY 19MDX4Business Classes (CFOT, TTC Inter, TTC-Adv)01/31/2019Details
PO 66 FY 19Batteries for UPS Toll Systems01/31/2019Details
PO 68 FY 19Office Supplies02/08/2019Details
PO 69 FY 19Office Supplies02/08/2019Details
PO 70 FY 19Pilot Project to determine viability of this product as a safety enhancement to the MDX roadways.02/13/2019Details
PO 71 FY 19Security Awareness Program02/13/2019Details
PO 72 FY 19Purchase of Led Street Light Luminaires02/20/2019Details
PO 73 FY 19Wireless HDMI System 02/21/2019Details
PO 74 FY 19Display for Conference Room02/21/2019Details
PO 75 FY 19Portfolio Accounting and Reporting (5years contract) 02/22/2019Details
PO 76 FY 19Boardroom Projector Bulb Replacement02/27/2019Details
PO 77 FY 19Customer Address Validation Interface03/13/2019Details

The Current Fiscal Year Purchase Orders information is updated the last Friday of each month.