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Current Fiscal Year Purchase Orders

PO 47 FY 22Power & Fiber Run at 112 EB 10/12/2021Details
PO 48 FY 22Emergency purchase of Agency vehicles10/25/2021Details
PO 49 FY 22MDX Vehicle Wrap10/27/2021Details
PO 50 FY 22MDX Vehicle Purchase10/28/2021Details
PO 51 FY 22Office Supplies10/29/2021Details
PO 52 FY 22Protective Gear11/02/2021Details
PO 53 FY 22APC Replacement Battery11/02/2021Details
PO 54 FY 22FM200 INSPECTION AND SERVICE11/16/2021Details
PO 55 FY 22SIgnamax Media Extender and Poly Line11/16/2021Details
PO 56 FY 22Backflow Prevention Device Test11/16/2021Details
PO 57 FY 22Locknetics 390 Retro FIt11/16/2021Details
PO 58 FY 22Office Supplies11/16/2021Details
PO 59 FY 22Boardroom Audio Hardware Equipment11/16/2021Details
PO 60 FY 22Single Mode Fiber Patch Cords11/16/2021Details
PO 61 FY 22One-Year Support Renewal for Toll Image Storage11/16/2021Details
PO 62 FY 22IRS 2021 W2 Forms11/17/2021Details
PO 63 FY 22PSBLX4 Pressure Seal11/18/2021Details
PO 64 FY 22Emergency Plumbing Services for HQ.11/19/2021Details
PO 65 FY 22Emergency HVAC Services Contract11/22/2021Details
PO 66 FY 22Office Supplies11/29/2021Details
PO 67 FY 22Strobe Lights for New Trucks11/29/2021Details
PO 68 FY 22Office Supplies12/07/2021Details
PO 69 FY 22Network Camera Replacement12/14/2021Details
PO 70 FY 22Bucket Truck Tool Trays12/14/2021Details
PO 71 FY 22Office Supplies12/14/2021Details

The Current Fiscal Year Purchase Orders information is updated the last Friday of each month.