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Current Fiscal Year Purchase Orders

PO 62 FY 20Office Supplies12/23/2019Details
PO 63 FY 20Postage Meter Services-Refills01/04/2020Details
PO 64 FY 20Postage Meter Services-Lease01/04/2020Details
PO 65 FY 20USB Network Adapter01/07/2020Details
PO 66 FY 20W2 Tax Forms 201901/07/2020Details
PO 67 FY 20Microsoft Enterprise Agreement01/08/2020Details
PO 68 FY 20Keyboard and Mouse Combo for TMC Operators01/08/2020Details
PO 69 FY 20Munis Project Accounting Training01/08/2020Details
PO 70 FY 20Office Supplies01/17/2020Details
PO 71 FY 20APC Symmetra Power Module01/17/2020Details
PO 72 FY 20Office Supplies01/17/2020Details
PO 73 FY 20HDMI Adapters for Board Room monitors01/29/2020Details
PO 74 FY 20Wireless and Wired mouse for MDX Headquarters users01/29/2020Details
PO 75 FY 20Security Awareness Training 01/29/2020Details
PO 76 FY 20Lilliput 13.3 inch monitors for Board Room upgrade01/29/2020Details
PO 77 FY 20Office Supplies01/31/2020Details
PO 78 FY 20Office Supplies01/31/2020Details
PO 79 FY 20Smarty Street Address Verification (120,000 Lookups)02/10/2020Details
PO 80 FY 20Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for Desktop and Replacement Battery Cartridges02/10/2020Details
PO 81 FY 20NetApp Support Renewal02/14/2020Details
PO 82 FY 20Office Supplies02/25/2020Details
PO 83 FY 20Board Meeting Video Streaming02/27/2020Details
PO 84 FY 20Office Supplies03/03/2020Details
PO 85 FY 20Office Supplies03/03/2020Details
PO 86 FY 20Learner IT Training03/03/2020Details

The Current Fiscal Year Purchase Orders information is updated the last Friday of each month.