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Terms and Conditions

The Miami-Dade Expressway Authority (MDX) is a user funded transportation agency dedicated to improving the mobility of people, goods and the economy in Miami-Dade County. The agency does not receive money from gasoline taxes or other tax revenue to maintain, operate and enhance its expressways. The not-for-profit agency was created in 1994 by the Miami-Dade County Commission to establish local control of toll revenues collected on the five Miami-Dade County expressways, and to ensure that the toll revenue collected would be reinvested to improve transportation locally. The MDX expressway system consists of five of the most heavily traveled expressways in Miami-Dade County:

  • MDX SR 112/Airport Expressway
  • MDX SR 836/Dolphin Expressway
  • MDX SR 874/Don Shula Expressway
  • MDX SR 878/Snapper Creek Expressway
  • MDX SR 924/Gratigny Parkway

Frequent Driver Rewards Program

The "Frequent Driver Rewards Program" (FDRP) is a continuation of the MDX Cash Back Toll Dividend Program. SunPass customers that incur a minimum of $250 per transponder in tolls on MDX's Expressways during the time frame of July 1st through June 30th are able to receive a cash back of 15% up to $300 per year on SunPass tolls paid. SunPass customers must register each transponder into the program. Customers who were already registered for the Cash Back Dividend Program will automatically be registered for the FDRP Program. Customers who are eligible for cash back will receive an email by October 31st and should receive a check by December 31st.

Program Eligibility Requirements

When do I need to register? February 14, 2019 – May 17, 2019
What toll activity date range does my registration cover? July 1st – June 30th
How much do I need to spend in tolls per transponder during the period? $250.00
When will I receive my check? If eligible, December 2019
  1. Customers must register online for the Frequent Driver Rewards Program during the registration period. Customers are not required to re-register a transponder every year.
  2. It is the responsibility of the customer to update their account information with MDX FDRP, including but not limited to address, license plate and vehicle information and SunPass transponder. Customer should update the information at prior to June 30th.
  3. A customer's SunPass® account must be in good standing for each MDX toll transaction. Any transaction that occurs while the said account is not in "good standing" will not qualify for this Program. The eligibility of SunPass® tolls paid during the fiscal year will be determined solely by MDX.
  4. Customers must pay a minimum of $250.00 in tolls on MDX's expressways for each registered SunPass® transponder per fiscal year. Tolls incurred on non-MDX expressways (for example, I-95 or the Florida Turnpike) do not qualify for this reward program.
  5. Frequent Driver Reward check will be mailed to qualifying participants by December in any qualifying year.
  6. A Frequent Driver Reward check will only be reissued for the most recent fiscal year.
  7. All "Toll-By-Plate" tolls are excluded from the FDRP and do not qualify for the annual minimum threshold or the total amount of tolls eligible for the FDRP reward payment.
  8. All image tolls ("I-Tolls") are excluded from the FDRP and do not count towards the annual minimum threshold or the total amount of tolls.
  9. The SunPass account must be in good standing for the entire period, image base tolls (I-Tolls), customers with lapses in credit cards, not maintaining positive balance or failure to update their account will be considered inactive for purposes of the Program and all tolls will be excluded for qualification purposes.
  10. Eligibility is determined on a "per transponder" basis. Customers must register each SunPass® transponder they would like to enroll in the program and cannot combine transponders to meet the minimum threshold requirements.
  11. The FDRP is offered at the sole discretion of MDX Board, which may cancel, alter, limit, or modify program rules, qualifications or any other feature of the FDRP at any time. MDX is not responsible for any errors and/or issues resulting from a SunPass® account/SunPass® system.
  12. Participation in the Frequent Driver Program is subject to these Terms and Conditions and any other terms and conditions, rules, regulations, policies, and procedures adopted by MDX at any time.
  13. MDX shall make any necessary interpretation or application of these Terms and Conditions or policies related to the FDRP and such decisions shall be final.
  14. MDX is not responsible for determining whether a SunPass® transponder is correctly registered in FDRP registration database or if the information provided is correct.
  15. Frequent Driver Reward payments may be subject to tax liability and any such tax liability is the sole responsibility of the MDX Customer.
  16. MDX is not obligated to reissue checks cleared by financial institutions; however, at its sole discretion, MDX may replace any un-cashed checks up to one year of the effective date of the original check. MDX reserves the right to not reissue FDRP checks that are deemed "undeliverable" by the United States Postal Service due to an old or incorrect address.
  17. Checks returned by the United States Postal Service (USPS) to MDX will be held for a period of 180 days during such time, customers may pick up the checks with proof of identification (driver's license), which must exactly match the name printed on the check. After that period, all remaining checks will be sent to the State of Florida, Department of Financial Services.
  18. MDX will report all matters of fraud or abuse to the appropriate authorities for criminal prosecution to full extent of the law.
  19. MDX respects the privacy of all account holders and does not sell or share its customer list with outside marketers. In addition, personal identifying information generally is exempt from disclosure under Florida's public records law, pursuant to Section 338.155(6), Florida Statutes, and can be obtained by persons outside of MDX or authorized law enforcement agencies only by subpoena or court order.
  20. This program is only available for two (2) axle vehicles and excludes government vehicles, as well as, trucks and freight vehicles (For trucks and freight vehicles, see the MDX Multi-Axle Frequency Discount Policy.

Termination and Modification of Program

  1. MDX reserves the right to terminate the FDRP at its sole discretion. Notification of termination will be sent to the email address provided by the customer. MDX will not be responsible for failing to notify due to an inaccurate email address.
  2. Participation in the FDRP may be cancelled at any time by contacting customer service at The accounts will be deemed closed on the same date of the cancellation request.


  3. MDX reserves the right to modify the FDRP from time to time. Continued participation the FDRP after such modification shall be deemed as acceptance of any such modifications. Membership in the FDRP is subject to the Terms and Conditions provided herein.
  4. Any failure to comply with these Terms and Conditions, any fraud or abuse, or any misrepresentation of any information furnished to MDX will result in the termination of the affected FDRP account(s) and the forfeiture of all payments associated with the terminated FDRP account.


  1. The Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Florida, without reference to conflicts of law rules. If any provision of the Terms and Conditions is found invalid or unenforceable, that provision shall be enforced to the maximum extent possible, and the other provisions contained herein will remain in full force and effect. MDX's failure to insist upon or enforce strict performance of any provision of the Terms and Conditions shall not be construed as a waiver of any provision or right.
  2. The Terms and Conditions constitute the entire agreement between the Customer Participant and MDX regarding the Frequent Driver Rewards Program.

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