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Future Projects/Studies

MDX Strategic Master Plan

Description : MDX currently is completing the efforts of updating the MDX Strategic Master Plan (SMP) to provide a new vision and specific goals to direct the future of the agency. The SMP establishes the framework to maintain and enhance the sustainability of MDX as an agency, to broaden its mission, in order to serve the mobility needs of the community, and improving the economic climate of in Miami-Dade County. This includes identifying projects that stimulate economic growth by improving commercial mobility and service to industrial areas.

A major tenant of the SMP is recognizing that future projects have to be executed in a collaborative way with the State, County and City agencies. The ability to define the roles between all the agencies focusing on one same goal is the key to solving our transportation issues. The SMP is divided into three areas, projects, finance, and technology.

The SMP will be completed by mid-2016.