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About Miami-Dade Expressway Authority

The Miami-Dade Expressway Authority is a user funded transportation agency dedicated to improving the mobility of people, goods and the economy in Miami-Dade County. The not-for-profit agency was created in 1994 by the Miami-Dade County Commission to establish local control of toll revenues collected on the five expressways, and to ensure that the toll revenue collected would be reinvested to improve transportation locally.

The agency does not receive money from gasoline taxes or other tax revenue to maintain, operate and enhance its expressways. The expressway system consists of five of the most heavily traveled expressways in Miami-Dade County:

  • SR 112/Airport Expressway
  • SR 836/Dolphin Expressway
  • SR 874/Don Shula Expressway
  • SR 878/Snapper Creek Expressway
  • SR 924/Gratigny Parkway

Click to view a map of the expressway system

Master Transportation Plan

The Master Transportation Plan provides the basis and guidance for future investments in order to improve mobility and travel time for residents and visitors. All future projects identified in this plan are incorporated into the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP). The Master Transportation Plan is updated every five years along with Miami-Dade County’s LRTP. The last update was recently completed in 2016.

Five-Year Work Program

FY 2018-2022 Work Program