Active Contracts

IP-13-03Video Recording & Production Services04/22/201312/30/2018Details
IP-14-05Accounting & Reporting Support Services10/01/201410/01/2019Details
IP-19-02Video Recording & Production Services11/15/201811/15/2021Details
ITB-15-02Customer Service Center Personnel11/17/201511/16/2020Details
ITB-16-01Construction Services for SR 836 Interchange Modifications at 87th Avenue04/26/201612/31/2018Details
ITB-17-04System-wide Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) Services 07/24/201707/25/2020Details
ITB-18-04Construction Services ror SR 924/Gratigny Parkway Milling and Resurfacing (MP 0 To 1.2), Speed Feedback Signs and Drainage Improvements03/13/201812/22/2018Details
ITB-18-06Construction Services of the Civil Infrastructure Modifications for Toll Zones on SR 874, SR 878, and SR 92405/14/201812/21/2018Details
ITN-02-02Financial Management System Software and Implementation Services06/27/2002Details
LA-09-01License Agreement in favor of MDX relating to the use of parking facilities located adjacent to Sheraton Airport Hotel and MDX and owned by Towne Park11/02/200911/01/2020Details
MDX-13-06Toll Collection System: Equipment Installation, Maintenance and Support Services04/19/201302/28/2019Details
MDX-14-03-BSynergy Automated/ Manual Image Review System02/28/201708/31/2023Details
MDX-14-04Toll Collection System: Call Center, Back Office and Collection Services09/20/201309/19/2018Details
MDX-14-07SEC Post-Issuance Compliance Services01/27/2014Details
MDX-14-14Record Management Services07/16/201407/17/2019Details
MDX-15-01Armored Car and Depository Banking Services07/01/201404/30/2019Details
MDX-15-02-ATemporary Employment Agency Services08/29/201408/29/2019Details
MDX-15-07-AManufacturer Dealer Parts and Repairs Services 10/24/201410/23/2019Details
MDX-15-07-BManucfacturer Dealer Parts and Repair Services 10/06/201410/05/2019Details
MDX-15-08Mobile Communication Services10/24/201401/10/2022Details
MDX-15-09Software and Hardware Maintenance Services for the Open Road Tolling (ORT) System on SR 112 and SR 83605/01/201504/30/2022Details
MDX-15-13Diesel Fuel Supply and Delivery Services06/05/201506/04/2020Details
MDX-16-01Design-Build Services for the Reconstruction of SR 836/I-395 from West of NW 17th Avenue to I-95/Midtown Interchange in Miami Dade County07/12/201810/28/2022Details
MDX-16-04Manual Image Review (MIR) Processing Services07/01/201606/30/2021Details
MDX-16-06Legal Representation in Civil Action Brought against MDX and its Execuctive Director01/25/2016Details

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