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Current Fiscal Year Purchase Orders

PO 01 FY 19Online Legal Research Service07/06/2018Details
PO 02 FY 19Website Hosting Subscription07/06/2018Details
PO 03 FY 19Service Maintenance for HQ Color Multifunction Machine07/06/2018Details
PO 04 FY 19Dry-cleaning Services07/06/2018Details
PO 05 FY 19Water for HQ and Field (836 Location)07/06/2018Details
PO 06 FY 19Postage Meter Services -Banket Postage Refill07/06/2018Details
PO 07 FY 19Printing Services07/06/2018Details
PO 08 FY 19Postage Meter Services- Lease07/06/2018Details
PO 09 FY 19FedEx Services for HQ and for Toll Ops07/06/2018Details
PO 10 FY 19Maintenance Plan for 4 Multifunction Copy Machines07/06/2018Details
PO 11 FY 19Courier Services (Pickup & Delivery)07/06/2018Details
PO 12 FY 19Underground Facility Damage Prevention07/06/2018Details
PO 13 FY 19Asset/ Inventory Management07/10/2018Details
PO 14 FY 19Amazon Cloud Services07/10/2018Details
PO 15 FY 19Mobile Communications Archiving Platform07/10/2018Details
PO 16 FY 19Fire Alarm Monitoring and Yearly Inspection Services07/10/2018Details
PO 17 FY 19Formax Folder Sealer Maintenance07/16/2018Details
PO 18 FY 19Dell USB Network Adapter and Laptop Briefcase07/20/2018Details
PO 19 FY 19Liebert UPS Units08/07/2018Details
PO 20 FY 19Vehicle Repair08/13/2018Details
PO 21 FY 1948VDC Surge Protector08/17/2018Details
PO 22 FY 19One Year Renewal Support for Packetsure Appliance08/21/2018Details
PO 23 FY 19NetApp Support08/22/2018Details
PO 24 FY 19Office Supplies08/22/2018Details
PO 25 FY 19Office Supplies08/23/2018Details

The Current Fiscal Year Purchase Orders information is updated the last Friday of each month.