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MDX Board of Directors Approves Toll Reduction

On July 1, 2018, the MDX Board of Directors reduced tolls on all five of our local expressways for Sunpass and toll-by-plate customers. This Board action reduced MDX revenues by more than $15 million dollars.

Therefore there will be no surplus revenues to fund a Rewards Program rebate this year. We will retain the information for all customers who registered for the Frequent Customers Rewards Program this year, so you do not have to re-register for a Frequent Customer Rewards should there be a surplus in the future for our Board to approve distribution. MDX will continue to send periodic newsletters to all customers registered in our database informing them of MDX's current and future projects, improvements and information regarding the exciting new service for daily commuters coming in 2019.

We want to point out that the Rewards Program was always contingent on MDX having a surplus at the end of the year after all financial commitments had been met. This meant that it was not a guaranteed cash back. The program also only addressed those that met the requirement of paying $100 or more for the use of the MDX 5 expressways. The reduction approved by the Board is guaranteed and it is a reduction for 100% of the users of the MDX 5 expressways, SR 836/Dolphin Expressway, SR 112/Airport Expressway, SR 924/Gratigny Parkway, SR 874/Don Shula Expressway, and SR 878/Snapper Creek Expressway. Still we will be looking in the future to the possibility of a Rewards distribution should there be a surplus at the end of the Fiscal Year.

This toll reduction does not apply to the Turnpike or the I-95 Express Lanes or the Palmetto future Express Lanes as those facilities are under the jurisdiction of the Florida Department of Transportation, not MDX.

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