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Current Fiscal Year Purchase Orders

PO 87 FY 20Office Supplies03/16/2020Details
PO 88 FY20 Flowers for Funeral03/17/2020Details
PO 90 FY 20Digital Signatures03/27/2020Details
PO 91 FY 20Signamax Fiber04/09/2020Details
PO 92 FY 20Fiber Panel04/09/2020Details
PO 93 FY 20APC UPS04/15/2020Details
PO 94 FY 20UPS and PDU04/15/2020Details
PO 95 FY 20Monitor05/04/2020Details
PO 96 FY 20Commvault Software05/04/2020Details
PO 97 FY 20Microsoft Surface05/04/2020Details
PO 98 FY 20Office Supplies 05/14/2020Details
PO 99 FY 20Office Supplies05/14/2020Details
Po 45 FY 20Toshiba Copy Machine Staples10/28/2019Details

The Current Fiscal Year Purchase Orders information is updated the last Friday of each month.